Board of Directors

John Wayland – Business Development, Technologies Researcher and Director

Formally an Audit Partner of Wayland and Wayland, Chartered Accountants, Director of Lumley Technology Ltd – The I.T. service provider to Lumley Insurance Ltd and Chairman for National Management Services (Aust.) Pty Ltd – a joint venture with Leighton Contractors for the development of 70 Philip Street, Sydney, for the Commonwealth of Australia, The Prime Minister and Cabinet Offices’ and the University and Schools’ Club.

In the late 90’s John was publisher of directories covering Quality, Environment, Finance, Risk and Telecommunications, a Councilor for Environment Management Industry Association of Australia and Co Chairman AMEX – The Environmental Trade Exhibition, in conjunction with the Department of Business and Regional Development. John became involved in commercial property development, telephony and e-commerce industries and then the GM for a manufacturer of springs for the rail, mining and automotive industry.

John is a former Director Green Bank Australia Pty Limited, a carbon trader, aggregator, and reseller of Renewable Emission Certificates. As a Director of Carbon Managers he identifies technologies that reduce the emissions through the use of alternate fuel sources such as mine methane, municipal methane from waste tips and other sources. He researchers low capital costs energy efficiencies strategies for buildings such as cogeneration, trigeneration, smart metering and switching for lighting, refrigeration, PC power management. He undertakes research into emissions reductions solutions in the transport sector assessing aero foils, fuel mixes, driver retraining and regulatory barriers. He has given papers to the Rail industry in India and has the job of identifying opportunities for that technology in India.

john wayland – business development, technologies researcher and director

Brian Hebblethwaite

Brian (Hebba) is a highly experienced Corporate Banking Professional, Financial Advisor and Mentor. With an employment history with the corporate world of the Commonwealth Bank Corporate spanning more than 25-years, he successfully navigating an ever changing banking world in that time holding a number of Management and Business Development roles.

He left the Corporate Banking Industry to undertake a “lifestyle change” to concentrate on family and dedicate time to build his private business – Yering Business Advisors – where clients received a more personalised suite of services including Business and Corporate Structure advice, mentoring inexperienced business people and start outs. Brian also enabled established businesses achieve their goals, providing finance broker services and sources loans, assist business owners maintain/grow their sales levels, guiding business owners to help grow their business to the next level. This also included, experienced in business accounts work – accounts receivables and payables, credit control, collections, payroll administration and inventory, business analysis and staffing requirements – Identify client’s requirements and isolate problems, highlight benefits and solutions, and tailor packages to meet individual requirements and resolve problems.

For the past 6 years Brian has assisted businesses and clients in the Yarra Ranges and greater Melbourne, as well as interstate and international clients, across a wide range of industries including:

  • Board member for a sizable Transport, logistics and FMCG distribution company, managing local and interstate refrigerated and ambient temperature goods;
  • Building and Construction – Specialised construction funding for a large multi-level residential builder;
  • Board representation and advisory capacity at a number of manufacturing and primary industry businesses – Wineries, food production, farming, meat processing etc.

Through his long associations with clients and friends, Brian has been able to build a large array of diversified relationships within private and public corporations, as well as Local, State and Federal Governments agencies.

Brian Hebblethwaite

David Cork – Principal Process Engineer and Consultant BE (hon), ME, CPEng

David has worked in the chemical process industry for the last 28 years.  For most of that time, he has worked in the process metallurgical or manufacturing industries or consulted to those industries including mining and power generation.

In the late 1980’s to late 1990’s David work at the Newcastle Steelworks, mostly in the Coke and Energy Department.  It was in this Department that David perfected his knowledge on gas combustion, steam raising, power generation and energy balances.  A significant portion of his effort was spent on efficiency improvement and emission reduction.

After the steelworks closed in 1999 David was employed by ADI (now called Thales).  This was a manufacturing facility with utility scale refrigeration, steam raising, distillation and VOC capture.  Later David was the Head of the Cast Composite Section which was Australia’s only rocket motor and insensitive munition manufacturing centre.  After doubling the rocket and warhead production rate David moved with ADI to become the Continuous Improvement Manager for ADI’s light engineering factory at Lithgow.  The facility had CNC machines, surface preparation and a design office.

David founded Corky’s Carbon and Combustion Pty Ltd in 2002 but continued to also work at ADI as a consultant after 2004.  Corky’s was primarily a design office developing projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  David was a keen promoter of helping industries reduce and value-added uses for their waste, biomass to power schemes and methane and VOC emission reduction from coal mines.  David’s proposed small scale power plant (10 to 30 MW) hybriding solar power supported by biomass at night.  These small scale power plants were designed for regional centres to reduce power loses (called line losses) and create regional jobs.

david cork – principal process engineer and consultant be (hon), me, cpeng

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