Research and Revenue

Through related companies, Carbon Managers have trialed fuel reduction technologies using LPG into diesel and hydrogen into diesel. Devises have been installed into trucks and 4×4 vehicles and tested the results of the emissions at Millbrook, the accredited testing station in the UK for the MOT. The vehicles were then trialed for some months under UK climatic conditions to determine proof of concept.

By wind tunnel testing we are examining aerofoils on trucks to reduce air flow over semi trailers, “B” doubles and passenger coaches. We understand the grid connect problems of all alternatives summarized in reports on Australia’s energy needs to 2050 and have contributed to the formal consultation processes involved.

Carbon Managers is active in the commercialization and research being undertaken into low heat energy sources, methane gas, solar power, biofuels, ceramic storage and other energy generation alternatives. Carbon Managers is facilitating R&D into renewable energy from biochar reactors for the production of biochar as a soil amendment, as a carbon sequestration product for offsetting and for the generation of electricity using agricultural harvest waste as the biomass feedstock.

The CSIRO in Newcastle is undertaking extensive solar energy conversion for major industrial power and we are discussing with TAFE a solar installation and management training course developed in conjunction with the Clean Energy Council for the correct installation and management of roof top energy power.

research and revenue

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